Before we begin working together, here is some insight into my client on-boarding process and requirements.


So you’re interested in working with me.  My client on-boarding process is easy-peasy. This is where you book your complimentary 30 minute brand consult, during a time open in my calendar or at a time that better suits you (* this can be pre-arranged). We discuss your vision, I assess what your requirements are, we mutually agree upon a deadline, content delivery. And lastly, we decide if we’re a good fit to work on your project together.


At this point, if our call went well – I would have given you homework. Such as 1) Signing a contract 2) Payment: full balance or 50% deposit, before any work begins 3) Creating a private Pinterest board with specific pins 4) We have a brand mapping call, where we put your idea on paper and I answer any questions you may have


Once, I have all of your pending items, we set up a private Asana board. I begin designing your brand and we finish the project based off the package you purchased and hand over all brand files. We have a final brand farewell call to discuss any additional needs!


You can leave me a review on my facebook page or recommend me on LinkedIn, talking about your experience working with me. As reviews help my business grow and builds social proof for me; thus, allows me to keep finding dream clients like you! 

Designing for Abundance. Helping brands discover their brand energy and innovate in an ever-changing world.

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